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Thu, Aug. 10th, 2006, 01:47 am
autumnstarr22: HI there Beavers!

I havn't been here in a while, so i thought that I'd post and bring gifts! 

So... Here you go girls. 

This is a random pix and icon post (stuff i liked, saved, and am now sharing with you :)
I want to telll you in advanced that there are a few Pirates 2 Spoiler pictures at the bottom. So If for some crazy reason you havn't
been able to see the movie. then i wouldn't look at the last 4 pictures :)

My other Man ! ( I wish :))

Hot Johnny at the POTC DMC Paris Premier

cool cemetary pic

Soo hot!

Icon LOve:

Dr. Will from Big brother 7 (he's kinda hot)       This for you Jamie :)       I love these two~!      I used to love me some jake ryan <3

Sexy!                         Pirate pin-up icon

We beavers rule !

pink vampire

Some hot cyber chick

O M G !!! She is soooooo hot it's not even fair.

A day in the life...

very cool art!

I love this one. Orlando was walking by a strip club on his way to somewhere else
when the paps took his picture. How funny. It makes it look like he was leaving an english
 strip club, even though he wasn't. A girl can dream. can't she? LOL. 

POTC DMC Spoiler pics. 

What a hard job she's got ehh?

What would you give to be her lips? 

Mmmmmmm. look below~

look at that sexy back!!!! Favorite part of the whole movie :) 

Jamie we are soooooooo dirty!

So that was my newest and fun picture post, hope you all enjoyed it!

<3 Autumn Starr

Oh... and I got this one for Sonya ... Hot asian guy. i forget his name though

Wed, Aug. 16th, 2006 10:38 pm (UTC)

awww thanks!