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Beaver Union

Local #136

Beaver Union local 136
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Are you a Beaver through and through? Beavers UNITE!! This is the community for Beaver Union Local #136, where we may share thoughts, horror stories, and hot guys. "What is the Beaver Union?", you may ask. Well, the Beaver Union is a conglomerate of people of the ovarian persuasion only (men need not apply), a place where women can express themselves... basically the ultimate slumber party, without the horrendous pajamas. This community is for the Beavers to stay in touch, to know when there is a meeting, and when conventions will take place.

"What is expected of a Beaver?" Say anything, I mean, ANYTHING you want about everything; i.e., p.m.s., hot guys, hot guys in movies, fan fiction, icons, men problems, sexual problems, you name it. (keep in mind I only play a doctor on TV...) With all of that said, you must be at least 18 physical years old as I may just blurt out, "COCK!", every once in a while, and if that offended you then: a)this place is not for you; b)I'm suprised you read this far; c) "COCK!"
On that note, what are you waiting for?! Join now, and we'll even tell you the secret handshake!!

This community has been rated:R--NC-17 by The Foundation for Better Beavers.